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Reflection Letter

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Dear Educational Technology Professors:


Throughout the course of pursuing my Master's of Education in Educational Technology, I have learned many lessons that will benefit me throughout my career as an educator.   My professional goals are to gain the knowledge and leadership skills to become a technology director for a school district or a professor at a university.   I plan to continue towards my Doctorate in Education so that I may teach at a higher level of education as a university professor.  Working as a Master Technology Teacher, I used my skills and knowledge that I learned to train staff and students with the use of instructional technology (computer, telecommunications, and related technology).  I used all available resources to create and deliver instruction.  My main job was to serve as a facilitator in an educational setting.


Lessons I learned that will carry on as I move forward with my career are as follows: Multimedia tools for creating dynamic presentations, e-learning, Web 2.0 tools for student to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate.  Multimedia tools that I learned about are tools such as Photo Story 3, Camtasia, Captivate, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Presenter.  With these tools I was able to create interactive presentations that contained quizzes which allowed the students to assess themselves before moving on to the next step. Web 2.0 tools, such as; Social Networking Sites, Blogs, and Wikis.  With these tools I was able to create interactive websites where students could learn the 3 C’s. With the Social Networking Sites, Ning, I created a class where students could communicate and coordinate with each other with Blogs and Wikis. 


With these tools I was able to enhance my classroom as well as my student’s knowledge.  My next goal is to continue towards my Doctorate in Education in Educational Technology.  All the tools that I have learned and used will help me with my quest.  I plan to use every available resource to my advantage so that my peers, students, and colleagues become diversified learners.   I will use my knowledge and skills to create better e-learning classes that will benefit student learning. 



Rogelio "Roy" Campa


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